Should you get a Honda Civic sedan or hatchback? We'll help you decide!

There are still a few Honda Civic sedan and hatchback models remaining in our 2018 inventory, and now is a great time to take them home if you're looking for competitive savings. If you're trying to decide if the sedan or the hatchback is a better choice for your needs, we'll help you with these useful breakdowns.


The Honda Civic sedan and hatchback have similar looks, but the sedan has a vibe that leans towards the sleek side of things, whereas the hatchback is a bit bulkier, edgier, and more athletic looking. Both are true lookers and it's great that you get to pick the best one that fits your personality! If you want to change things up every few years with a lease, the Honda Civic hatchback could be a solid choice, but if you're looking for a vehicle to buy for the long run, you might prefer the Honda Civic sedan and its slightly more mature look instead.


Both models ride low to the ground, but the benefit of buying or leasing a Honda Civic hatchback is that you'll get more cargo space than with the sedan. The Honda Civic's sedan does have a competitive 15.1 cubic feet of space compared to other sedans, but the hatchback offers 25.7 cubic feet of space with all seats up. You can also fold the second-row down and get up to 46.2 cubic feet. Not bad for a car this size.


The Honda Civic has two engines. The lower trims have a 2.0L engine with 158 horsepower and the higher trims have 1.5L turbocharged engine with 174 horsepower. All hatchback trims get the more powerful engine and select ones even have slightly higher 180 horsepower specs. So, if you have a need for speed, the Honda Civic hatchback will be the better choice.

While there are some differences between the two body styles, both Honda Civic models have a lot in common. You'll get great technology features for convenience, safety, and comfort, and you'll drive away knowing you're taking home a vehicle from a reliable brand.

To see which is the right choice for you, stop into our dealership this week to test drive both options.

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